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This week we learn how kids can be drawn to art. Plus local art will adorn a controversial fence Each and every Sunday our focus is on Social, Cultural and Economic impacts in Tucson’s Urban Core and we shed light on hidden gems everyone should know about. From A Mountain to the U of A and all stops in between. You get the inside track- right here on 99.1 FM, streaming on we’re also available on your iPhone or Android using our very own Downtown Radio app. Reach us by email [email protected] — interact with us on Facebook @Life Along the Streetcar and follow us on Twitter @StreetcarLife.

Today is July 14th my name is Tom Heath and you’re listening to “Life Along the Streetcar”. Our intro music is by Ryanhood and we exit with Gaza Strip. We start today with summer deals, some of which you’ll need to hunt down.

Comic Bookmobile- Drawing Kids and Creating Art

He’s unmistakably visible. His suit is covered with comic expressions like bam and kapow. His hat is orange, his cape is red and his sneakers flash green with every step. His superpower is lack of embarrassment and he plunges into the dangers of artistic apathy. While other superheroes are summoned by a bright light in the sky, Frank Powers summons the light and shines it what he calls the underdog- Comic Art. His current vision is bring the art to the people. To get this idea going he has closed his brick and mortar shop – which was called Constant Con- and is now pivoting the business to a bus – he calls The Comic Bookmobile… bringing local art and art education to kids through comics and super heroes. The bus will visit schools and put on assemblies as well as class to class visits advocating literacy and art programs to all of Tucson, and eventually the state of Arizona. We sat down with the man, the myth, the legend that is Frank Powers and got a little insight as to why a comic bookmobile is needed and where he is in the development stage.


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