Episode 58 – Sugar Skulls Football, Urban Holiday Kickoff, Jobs for Vets

Today is November 11th, my name is Tom Heath and you’re listening to “Life Along the Streetcar”. This week we discuss Sugar Skulls football, Holiday Festivities and Shopping.

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We start today with Technology helping match veterans with jobs
Our intro music is provided by Ryanhood and we exit with Naim Amor.

Tucson is home of the newest Indoor Football League team, the Sugar Skulls. According to founder and co-owner, Cathy Guy, the name is meant “to reflect the culture and the history of Tucson,” Guy said, “We believe Sugar Skulls captures the identity of our community and the people who live here. As important as its connection to the city is that the name is unique in professional sports and will forever be linked to Tucson.”

The team’s colors are black and yellow, with maroon accents. The primary logo depicts a sunglasses-wearing skeleton, a sombrero on his head, wrapping his bony hands around the team name.

Sugar skulls, have been ubiquitous in Mexico since the 18th century. Sugar skulls featuring the names of departed relatives are traditionally placed as part of a family’s offering during the Day of the Dead. They are also arguably the most iconic image in Tucson’s All Souls Procession, which just took place November 4th.

On the field the skulls will led by first time head coach Marcus Coleman, former defensive coordinator of the Iowa Barnstormers. The front office is under the direction of mike Feder, who has a substantial professional sports background, with many years supporting teams in Tucson.

We had a chance to sit with Mike Feder amid a busy time of marketing, promoting, evaluating talent and putting together a football team.

If you happen to pick up today’s Arizona Daily Star, there’s a fun article in the sports section about the most recent tryouts over at Kino Stadium. Re-enforces this sense of community Mike Feder spoke about in his interview.

Mike has had a huge impact in Tucson professional supports and we get more into that during the extended interview. He also gave us some insight into his time with the New Orleans Voodoo of the Arena Football league, and some thoughts about where the Sugar Skulls may in terms of fan connections. He’s pretty sure the mascot will be some form of skeleton and don’t be surprised when you are in stadium and you hear the announcer say “Welcome to the boneyard”….or something like that.