Episode 13 – Downtown Partnership

Today we un-shelve the magical elves who lit up downtown this past holiday season. We found out what the Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader, Spiro Gyra, and Leonard Bernstein all have to do with Tucson. And your quiz for today- what started in an elementary school in 1955 and has become our city’s biggest annual economic impact event?

This week we will discuss the Downtown Tucson Partnership with CEO Kathleen Eriksen and our festival friendly city focuses on film, jazz and Leonard Bernstein, plus first impressions. And we start with some UNHIDDEN gems of Tucson.
Today is Jan 7th, My Name is Tom Heath and you’re listening to “Life Along the Streetcar”.

Each week our focus is on Social, Cultural and Economic impact in Tucson’s Urban Core and we shed some light on those hidden gems everyone should know about. From A Mountain to the U of A and all stops in between. You get the inside track- right here on 99.1 FM, streaming on downtownradio.org also available on your iPhone or Android with the Tune in App.

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