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A Slice of Innovation: Shane Reiser’s Deep Dish on Tucson Foodie

Join us on a flavorful exploration with Shane Reiser, the visionary behind Tucson Foodie, as we delve into Tucson’s burgeoning culinary landscape. Shane’s journey from a food enthusiast to a pivotal figure in the local food scene is nothing short of inspiring.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Birth of a Foodie Revolution: Discover how Shane transformed his passion for food into Tucson Foodie, a platform that celebrates Tucson’s diverse culinary offerings.
  • Behind the Scenes with Tucson’s Culinary Artists: Gain insights into Shane’s interactions with local chefs, restaurateurs, and food artisans, shedding light on the creativity fueling Tucson’s dining experience.
  • Future Bites: Shane shares his vision for the evolution of Tucson’s food culture and how Tucson Foodie aims to be at the forefront of this delicious transformation.

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Transcript (Unedited)

Good morning. It’s a beautiful Sunday in the Old Pueblo and you’re listening to KTDT Tucson. Thank you for spending a part of your brunch hour with us on your downtown Tucson community sponsored all volunteer powered rock and roll radio station. This week we speak with Shane Reiser, owner and visionary behind Tucson Foodie, and after purchasing the business just a couple of years ago he’s been instrumental in launching new programs and events. So we’re gonna dish about what’s coming up next. Today is February 11th, 2024. My name is Tom Heath and you’re listening to life along the streetcar. Each and every Sunday, our focus is on social, cultural and economic impacts in Tucson’s urban core, and we shed light on hidden gems everyone should know about. From a mountain to the University of Arizona, and all stops in between, you get the inside track right here on 99 .1 FM, streaming at downtownradio .org, also available on your iPhone or Android with our very own Downtown Radio Tucson app. And

if you want to interact with us here on Facebook and Instagram, it’s the best way to connect with us on the show. And if you want information about us, our book, past episodes, or there’s a contact button on it, you can head over to our website, lifealongthestreetcar .org. And of course, we invite you to listen to the podcast on all kinds of those platforms out there like Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, wherever you like to listen to them. Well, it is Sunday the 11th, and right above me here in the Steinfeld Gallery, there is this magical gathering of fantastic volunteer DJs. There’s a station meeting. I’m not there because I’m here, but there’s a station meeting, and we have the volunteer DJs getting together and talking about how to make the station better. So I think it’s a wonderful reminder that Downtown Radio is volunteer -powered, and we we do invite you to head over to the website, check out all the shows, all the programs, listen to all the DJs, and while you’re there, maybe hit

that donate button and contribute a little bit or even better, get on an ongoing donation monthly basis. Once we have that sustainable money coming in, we know how to budget and plan for upgrades on the station. No one gets paid, so when you’re putting money in, it’s going to the facilities, the operations, and once that’s all covered, we get to have fun and bring out new equipment and make our voices stronger and all that good stuff. So please support downtown radio. And if everyone is upstairs listening, I appreciate all of you and all the work that you do. Well, it is a big Sunday here in the football universe. There’s a game today, I think a couple of teams are playing and one of them is gonna be champion of some league or something like that. And whenever these big games happen, we tend to gather around and tailgate and have food. and sometimes we celebrate the food as much as the action on the television or on the field. And our guest today seemed very appropriate. We’re interviewing

Shane Reiser. He took over Tucson Foodie a couple years ago. It’s a brand that’s been around for a while. He took it over a couple years ago. And I sat down with him casually at that point, and he was talking about all these things he was going to do. And in my mind, I’m thinking, that’s a lot. And well, he’s doing it. And just a couple years into it, he’s got programming, he’s got events, He’s got tie -ins with other organizations and really starting to promote, well not start, but he’s really continuing to promote that history of gastronomy in our beautiful city. So I had an official chat with him. He came into the studio. We did a video interview, which you’ll be able to see soon here on the old YouTube. But this is our, the audio portion of our interview with Shane Reiser, Tucson foodie. We have the Shane Reiser, the Shane Reiser with Tucson foodie, which has really become just sort of synonymous with Tucson’s gastronomical scene. I mean, it’s hard to find something happening food -wise

or drink -wise in Tucson without Tucson foodie having a say in it, which are our best. Now you’ve been involved. You took over at what point? About two years ago. That’s it? Yeah. It started like nine years ago when Adam got started, but I bought the company about two years ago. Wow. Cause I remember when I first met you, we sat down at hotel Congress and you were telling me about all these events that you wanted to do. Uh -huh. And I remember thinking to myself, man, that’s, it’s pretty aggressive. It’s like, oh, I see all these events out here. I didn’t realize it’s only been two years. Yeah, man. May of whatever, two years ago. So almost, almost two years, man. So I look back and I think, man, like we just said, we’ve done nothing. But then my team and everybody reminds me, we have done a lot. Like, look at what we’ve done. So I’m trying to be like, you know, honor what we’ve done and be grateful, but also it’s not enough. I want more. There’s so much opportunity. Yeah. Well, what, what,

what kind of drew you to this? Cause you, I know you’ve done a lot of different, uh, kind of you’re entrepreneurial in spirit. So you’ve done a lot of different things, but what drove you to Tucson foodie? Uh, well, I moved here about 10 years ago and I found Tucson foodie and it was part of my falling in love journey with Tucson. Seriously, I moved here. I was like, what’s going on? There’s not a lot. And then Tucson foodie just proved me wrong. And I was, I was a fan subscriber for a long time. And some of my first friends, when I moved here were in restaurants that I went to because of Tucson foodie. So, um, you know, COVID hit Tucson foodie struggled and I had the opportunity to buy it and not just keep it alive because I know it’s really important to the economy of Tucson, but also do really cool, new, interesting things. And my background is in community building. Yeah. So it makes sense for me to just like pull people together. We launched a club that brings people together. We we’ve

acquired festivals. We’ve launched new festivals, a club, like a, like a physical club or like a, not a physical club. Okay. It’s called Tucson foodie insiders.

And it’s a great way to explore Tucson’s restaurant scene. We have 80 restaurant partners that give our members a bunch of different gift cards. In fact, you get like $350 in gift cards every month over $4 ,000 a year. It’s 20 bucks a month. So it pays for itself instantly. And then you get 50 % off to all of our festivals. And we have at a dinner scene,

And we’ve lined up awesome perks at other dinners and festivals from that partners around town, but in partners around town, I mean, Tucson foodie, you are, I mean, I said at the beginning, but you really are everywhere when there’s a new restaurant opening, something closing, something changing, I think most people hear about it through your blog and your website. Yeah, that’s probably true. 67 % of our traffic goes straight to our news articles. So a lot of people just know us as breaking news, openings, closings, new menus. So, and then how do you stay on top of that? Do people call you or do you have a fleet of reporters out there beating the, doing the old? A little of both. I mean, Matt Sterner, our editor is so good at that. He worked on the news desk at Kagon. He just is plugged in. He’s looking at new liquor license applications. He’s following every restaurant on social, of course, but then, you know, we’ve been around for almost 10 years now. So people call us with fleets. We

get tips all the time from our readers. Yeah. Yeah. Fantastic. And so when you and I first spoke, again, you had talked about event based celebration of food, not just, Hey, go to this restaurant and try this dish, but you wanted to bring like the history and culture of Tucson, the food and sort of bring it together and celebrate it. And it, it, it seems like you’ve been doing that. We’ve been trying, I mean, part of it is this club and so we’re putting hundreds of people in front of chefs every month in a more intimate setting. They get to tell their story, try the food, real experiential. But then we acquired restaurant week, we’ve launched a vegan night market, which brings in 3000 people quarterly that exploded with like 40, 50 vendors. The vegan night market. I heard this. I didn’t realize this was your event. Yeah. We started it. Our fourth is coming up on March 2nd. Okay. So we’ve done that three times now, exploded. I thought we’d have like 300 people at the first one 1300 people

shut up and then 3000 at the next one So March 2nd, so this is gonna be airing February 11th. So March 2nd, where where where would that be? It’s at the Children’s Museum South Lawn and Owls Club. Okay down there just south of downtown. Okay. Yeah It’s just a big celebration of vegan food and that’s just food. There’s other types of vendors vegan nails vegan tattoos vegan products But it’s just a, you know, most people that come aren’t vegan, it’s just a lot of really good food. Right. And it’s fun to try different stuff. Well, that’s, that’s the thing that I’ve been learning. Because when I, I’m not a, I’m vegan by nature, but when I, for a vegan, I immediately have a negative connotation. But then I’ve eaten things that like charbita, Midtown Deli, and all of a sudden like, wow, I mean, forget, it’s not faux meat, it’s just celebration of, of the, you know, the plant based product. it’s really good. Exactly. There’s so much food this weekend that like the word has been kind of ruined.

Yeah. But you know, whatever word you want to choose plant -based, I mean, that’s also kind of, I don’t know. I feel kind of trendy when I say plant -based, you know? Yeah. There you go. Okay. Um, so March 2nd, um, that’s the, the vegan market. And I know we have a big one coming up in a couple of weeks that I really want to talk to you about, which is the, the, the celebration of the craft beer in Tucson. But before we to that, what other kind of events do you have throughout the year that we’re not talking about? Well, our dinner series is really interesting. It’s a new format. We call it an R &D dinner, research and development. And we actually just kind of got inspired, if you will. We stole a model that’s working in other cities around the country. It’s called the Tasting Collective. Okay. And I’ve been keeping my eye on them for a while. They’re now in like the 20 biggest cities in the country. And it’s really cool. They kind of take over a restaurant. The chef puts together an experimental

tasting menu when they’re trying to figure out like future menu items. That’s really cool. Yeah. It’s fun. And then you get to taste everything. It’s like a five course menu and there’s a feedback card and there’s a fireside chat with the chef at the end of the night. So it’s really interactive. It’s really fun. It’s great. We’ve done two. We didn’t want fresco. We just did one at Jojo’s. Okay. Um, at the old Laco. Um, and the next one’s with Tuli’s and we’ve got them booked for the rest of the year. That is fantastic. It’s like, Hey, when I, um, chef D when Sunita I was operating in downtown, one of my favorite moments would be going in there and she’s like, would you like to try something we’re working on for the menu? But it’s like, yeah, it’s like, I definitely would. And um, I mean, even when it gets to that point, you know, it’s good. It might not be exactly what they put on the menu, but they don’t, they don’t roll that out unless there’s, uh, unless it’s very flavorful in my opinion,

but you’re free Tom. Well, I’m a, I’m an eater. I think a foodie is more discerning than I am. Oh, I see. Someone might be able to have more of a experiential moment with the food. I’m just like, oh, yeah, bring it on. I’m more like you. I don’t think of the word foodie as too discerning. I don’t think of a foodie as a foodie. I think just somebody who loves food, likes to celebrate food. I mean, you know, Tucson foodie’s voice. Yeah, it’s positive. Yeah, very positive. We just write about what to eat, where to go. We don’t write about what not to eat. what’s not good, we don’t do that. And maybe that’s, maybe that’s it. Cause it’s Tucson foodie and Tucson is a whole different vibe than maybe the rest of the world. So when you say I’m a foodie, it sort of does, you know, that does honestly to me mean more of a connotation of someone that is more into the details of the food, which I think Tucson foodie is. I think you are very descriptive that, you know, what comes out, it’s not just a,

again, go try this at this restaurant, it’s more of a, I like it cause it’s an exploration of the history of the food. story. And that to me, I’m a storyteller. I love hearing the story. People buying the food. So I definitely would agree that I’m a Tucson foodie for sure. I’ll give you the t -shirt. Okay. I wanted to join the club apparently, which I will be doing. But 24th. So we’ve got, we’ve got a celebration of craft beer. So it’s not just food. You also talk about craft cocktails and in Tucson, we’ve got a really proliferation of, of strong brewing and, uh, and you celebrate this with your, uh, your event, which has been going on for a while. Yeah. The Tucson craft beer crawl. We took it over. Okay. I think there’s been five. Okay. We ran the last one. We’re running this one and this year we’re, we’re all partnering up with best life presents and the guys ranch house media and cause they’re professional and that pursuers. And we’ve talked with them, and they did like 10 West in –

But posting my EES, milked with HoCo, FastOn, Elk’s Elk Congress. They know their stuff. Yeah. That’s Shane Reiser. He’s the owner of Tucson Foodie and talking about upcoming event here with the Arizona Beer Crawl. We’re gonna get more details about how it’s gonna be better this year and some ways to tie in. First of all, I wanna remind you that you are listening to Life Along the Streetcar on Downtown Radio. We are 99 .1 FM and we’re streaming on DowntownRadio .org. Support for Downtown Radio is provided by the Tucson Gallery, located in downtown Tucson inside of the proper shops at 300 East Congress Street. The Tucson Gallery offers original work, reproductions, and merchandise from Tucson artists like Joe Pagic, Jessica Gonzalez, Ignacio Garcia, and many more. for information about all of the artists including when they will be live at the gallery head to the TucsonGallery .com or find them on Instagram and on Facebook as Tucson Gallery. We are back here with Shane Reiser of Tucson Foodie

kind of talking about his launch into this business in this career and sort of his backstory and we got talking about the Arizona Beer Crawl which is happening coming up here later in February and get a little bit more details on that and other things happening through Tucson foodie. This is a Shane riser. But this year, Matt and Dan over at, at ranch house are like, let’s have entertainment at every venue. Let’s have a trail, have an IPA trail on a sour trail. Um, you know, let’s do some fun stuff. And we’re going to give people a little pin. If they complete the IPA trail, we’re doing a, a boot chugging contest with the brewers, so it’ll be a lot more fun and we’ve got some new venues. We’ve got track side. Have you been to track side yet?

So it’s not track side. Okay. So they’re going to be a new spot. And then Corbett’s, of course, there’s a new spot that we couldn’t miss. Yeah. I love the vibe at Corbett’s. It really has, I mean, it seems to hit on a multitude of, of, of interests. You got pickleball, you got music, you got good beer, food, local, and it’s in a right off fourth Avenue, an old warehouse area. It’s really kind of a fun, easy parking. Yeah. Yeah. This is, this is a, this is a, this is a It’s someone with a restaurant open up with the foot parking. Fabulous. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, now has it always been a crawl? Cause I thought at one point it was like the, you brought the beer to a spot or that maybe the old, the old version, or has it always been a, uh, an out and about kind of, well, there’s a beer fast that I think the Arizona, okay, the old, the brewer’s guilt they can on an Emory park. Okay. Um, and that’s in the spring as well. So that usually happens a few weeks after this is a true crawl. We only crawl

around downtown. I think there’s nine different venues and we’ve got anywhere between two and five different breweries pouring at each venue. In fact, you get a little glass, a commemorative glass, and you get your drink tickets for like 32 ounce pours. And so it’s fun. You just walk around town, get a little food. Two ounce pours. Two ounce pours. Not 32 ounces. That’s 60 ounces of beer that you could theoretically drink, but most people don’t make it. Yeah. Yeah. Well, especially if there’s entertainment and everything else, I mean, you’re going to get just pulled into the vibe of a spot and enjoy it. It’s just fun. And I’m sure a lot of the places are, they’re just loving the fact that someone might go in and try them for the first time and just experience what they have to offer. That’s the idea. Get people down exploring that don’t come down a lot or haven’t explored in the new places. And of course, for your beer lover, try some new beers and it’s all, I mean, it’s all, it’s a crawl,

so it’s all walking, all walkable. Okay. Yeah. Borderlands is going to be our kind of big gravitational spot. They’re a partner with us every year.

So, but you can check in, in any of the spots this year, well, then, so let’s, let’s, let’s get some details on this. Is it, I’m assuming Tucson foodie is where people would go to get information. Well, to Tucson craft beer, crawl .com. Okay. We have our own Instagram as well, but yeah, if you go to Tucson foodie, you’ll see a pinned article at the top and you’ll be able to find everything on our Instagram as well. Okay. And then you had mentioned the club and discounts. Does that, does that sort of translate into, absolutely. Tucson foodie, insiders 50 % off the ticket. The ticket is 50 bucks, so it’s just 25 bucks. And insiders get a $10 food voucher that they can redeem in any of the food along the crawl. So I mean, it pays for itself pretty quick. We’re taking care of our members. Yeah, fantastic. So what what’s on the horizon? What what is not something that you’ve taken over or I mean, can you is there anything out there that’s sort of coming that you can share with us? Sure. Breaking

news. One thing I’m really excited about, I haven’t talked too much about it, is I’ve become friends with Dr. Andrew Weil. Do you know this guy? Oh yeah. He had amazing beer, like me. Yeah. Absolutely. Maybe one day. He’s got the Shade and Riser kit. Great guy. And food and wellness. Yeah. Right. Are linked. So we’re planning a festival together. And it’s likely going to be in the spring. So we’re like a whole year away. Right. Not the spring. Celebrating food and wellness, but wellness in the biggest definition of the word. Tucson is already sort of a wellness destination, like when you think about Tucson, you think about the desert. A lot of people think about food and their wellness. We have a huge wellness practitioner community of all the different flavors of wellness. People come here to heal and nutrition and food are a huge part of that. So we are producing a big festival, a very large one working with Visit Tucson and the Bigger vision is to turn Tucson into the wellness, into

kind of the wellness capital of the United States. Okay. It’s already kind of a wellness travel destination. So, and Andrew is from Tucson. Does that, or is he, does he have a Tucson originally, but he was like, it was stories that his, yeah. So he’s got the Andrew Wiles center for integrative nursing, but stories that like his truck broke down here when he was like 19 or something. And he’s 81 now. And he’s like, you’re ever since. Yeah. Well, don’t go to that mechanic.

I love the fact that, um, that, and I think this goes back to what you said earlier about your community development and your community building, you know, bringing these different cultures together that, uh, can celebrate each other. There’s a lot of times, you know, food and health, clearly they go together, but sometimes they’re on opposite ends because of the way we eat and what we eat. Uh, so bringing something that’s healthy, delicious city of gastronomy, city of health, and pulling it together. And I’d have to imagine like the visit Tucson folks are loving this. Yeah. They’re a close partner in this. It’s not just food. It’s all types of wellness, physical, mental, spiritual, all that stuff. So Tucson foodie, almost two years into it and you haven’t done a thing yet chain. You got to start working on some projects. I mean, this is just getting stale Yeah. Well, I guess here’s the thing. We’ve tried a lot. I feel this way because we’ve tried a lot and a lot hasn’t worked. We’ve learned

a lot and we’ve had some success. So I just wish our success rate had been a bit higher. But I mean, this club, we’re at about 650 members on our way to two, 3000. Yeah. Our traffic is as high as it’s ever been. Traffic. So let’s talk about that website, but you’re also like, what, where do people We’ll find you the website, you’re on social, obviously. Yeah, I know some people are surprised we have a website. They think just us as just a Facebook page or an Instagram page. We’ve got about a quarter of a million followers across our social media platforms. We’re about to hit 100 ,000 on Instagram. Any day now. That means between you and Life on the Streetcar, you have 100 ,000 and like 20 followers. Between the two of us, let’s do a collab. We’ll send some followers your way. We’re good with that. And then the website traffic is about a quarter the population looks at us every month. And our traffic outside of Tucson is exploding. I was looking at Google Analytics last month and it was

26 % of our traffic was from Phoenix. Okay. Isn’t that encouraging? That was going to be my next question is what reach do you have outside of Tucson? Because I know on your website, one of the things that I share quite a bit are your guides and you’ve got guides to restaurants, guides to downtown restaurants, guides to craft. So it’s just, it’s interesting that you, not interesting, but it’s just, it’s very, um, uh, simple to navigate for me to say, if you want to, what do you like downtown? I like everything. Here’s a list. Yeah. Pick out Tucson foodies downtown. Yeah. Yeah. Pick out two or three restaurants that look interesting to you. And I’ll tell you what I think about them. You know, that’s kind of how I use it. They use Tucson foodie to sort of distill things down. Me too, man. I get those questions all the time. I’ll go read the guide. I’m about to launch Shane’s guide of favorite things. Cause I’m, I get that question. What’s the best restaurant in Tucson? I’m like, Oh, pick

a category here. At least it’s like, what are you in the mood for? Who are you with? What day of the week is it? And how many people should I upset with this pick?

They’re all my favorite. Yeah. I’m like, they’re my children. I love them so much. Good food. I, uh, there’s a member of our club. His name’s Colby. He was the first guy to join our club. He’s also, he also does the voice acting on our radios. He describes Tucson as the Disneyland of restaurants. Um, cause like there’s just so much to keep discovering. I mean, I’m the owner of Tucson free and there’s, there’s like 600 locally owned restaurants in Tucson. There’s so many, I can’t make it to all of them. I’d have to do two a day. And by the time I get to, so sometimes they close and I don’t get like, there’s just so many where it’s some critical mass point where it’s just constant discovery exploration. It’s almost like it’s a real big city, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s, it is the city of gastronomy was an explosion for Tucson or that it was a recognition. It wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t a launch point of the recognition. And it seems like instead of peaking at that moment, it was, it’s sort

of like a secondary stage. You know, we built this great foundation, we got this recognition and now, um, it really does seem from my limited perspective that we’re, we’re, we’re launching into a whole new stratosphere. Yeah, we’re stepping into our own. And Tucson Foodie is monitoring it the entire way. Tucsonfoodie .com? Yeah, yes sir. All right, and then Arizona Beer, Tucson Craft Beer Crawl. Tucson Craft Beer Crawl is its own website and information about the club, social media, all that stuff. I would just go to Tucson Foodie and then. Yeah, or Instagram page. Have a little link. It’s down below, man. Absolutely. Jay, I really appreciate your time. Thanks for having me, Tom. Appreciate it, man. Good to see you. Good to see you, sir. And you notice he said good to see you because this was a video interview that we did, something we’re trying here in 2024 to make the show just connected to one more level. Still working on how to get those things edited up and out in a timely manner,

but we will in the near future have all the video interviews we’ve done out to you for your perusal. I do want to remind you that my name is Tom Heath and you’re listening to Life Along the Streetcar on Downtown Radio, 99 .1 FM, and streaming on downtownradio .org. You’re listening to KTDT Tucson, Arizona, 99 .1 FM, Downtown Radio. I’m Brother Mark, host of a show called Radio Club Crawl that airs every Tuesday at 3 p .m. We try to focus on most of the bands that are coming through Tucson, and we give you a tasty taste of their music. If you wanna check out what’s happening around Tucson, check out Radio Club Crawl. Tuesdays, 3 p .m. right here on KTDT Tucson, Arizona 99 .1 FM downtown radio. Thank you very much. Enjoy your evening. Bye -bye. Well, thank you to Shane Reiser, Tucson Foodie for helping us here with episode number 282. And I mentioned at the top of the show that some of these volunteer DJs are upstairs having a meeting talking about how to make our station better. And they’re

doing that in the Steinfeld Warehouse and just kind of a tie -in to a previous show last week, actually two weeks ago, Suzanne Villela was here. She was launching her Arizona card anti series of 56 individually crafted pieces of art that she celebrates the history and culture of Tucson through those playing cards. I mention it because they are also upstairs here in the Seinfeld Warehouse. Well next week we’re gonna to have our very first tattoo artist. We’ve talked to many artists, musicians, authors, painters, and it occurred to me we’ve never had a tattoo artist. And this particular individual, Jenny Burkhardt, was very interesting because her background is quite varied. She’s been teaching. She’s traveled all over the world. And now in Tucson, for what she says, probably one of the longest times she’s ever been anywhere. and she opened up after COVID, she got into tattooing and then opened up her own shop here called Lonely Angel. So we’ll chat with her about her backstory and what the

world of tattoo art really means here in Tucson and maybe across the country and the globe. And if there’s stories you want us to talk about, please do let us know, hit us up on Instagram, Facebook. You can go to our website, there’s a contact button over there. however works for you. We know that you’re probably involved because you’re listening to a show like this, which is hyper local. So if you’re in tune with the town and we want to be in tune with you, so share what you know and let’s just keep this collaboration going. Tag us on things and share your social media with us so we can broadcast it to the world and make a better, I think, more impactful community dialogue. Don’t go anywhere. We got words and work with Ted Brzezelski here at the bottom of the hour, Ty Logan at the top, and then back into the music at one o ‘clock this afternoon. As always, we appreciate Ryan Hood for the courtesy of Dillinger Days. My name is Tom Heath. I’m your host and producer. James Portis is our production

specialist, and I want to leave you with a little music today by Tayshaun from 2018 it’s a single called a foodie I hope you have a great week and tune in next Sunday for more life along the streetcar